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Oakenfold Community's Journal

8th September, 2007. 11:49 pm. Visuals for the next Oakenfold tour(dirtstar)

Hey everyone - I am working with Paul Oakenfold on a pretty cool thing that I thought I would tell y'all about.

Paul's shows always have a lot of visuals to go along with the music. For the next tour, we're looking for people who have developed cool video footage or animations or even still pictures that can be edited together for the on-stage show.

Here are the details if you or anyone you know might be interested in getting their visual art shown to thousands of people (and you will find this same info at myspace.com/pauloakenfold).

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26th May, 2007. 5:46 pm.(tsukimori)

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18th July, 2005. 10:52 am. ?(snorly)

does anyone know where thrive records is located?

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5th July, 2005. 6:16 pm.(ismira)

Creamfields is awesome! Don't get why some people don't like it.

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16th September, 2004. 6:32 pm.(pastelmilkshake)

I just bought Oakenfold's new shit entitled "Creamfields"
This CD is horrible and none of the songs ever "Take Off"
Oakenfold isn't trance, he is all techno bull. If this is an example
of how he produces now, He is completely washed up.
I am totally dissapointed in this CD.

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14th August, 2004. 1:17 pm. Creamfields(sweet_girl7985)

This is best cd to date. it has awesome new remixes and some new stuff thats out of this world. This is a must have for any oakenfold fan. If you want more info go to amazon.com there is some cool reviews. I m not good at this review stuff lol!

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24th April, 2004. 1:32 pm. best oakenfold album ever!(barbrocks)

For those of you Oakenfold fans who have not yet heard this album, try to get a hold of:

Resident: 2 Years Of Oakenfold At Cream

It's a must have! The album is actually "Out Of Print", but you can find copies for sale on Ebay and Amazon every so often. And it's worth every penny! I only knew about this album by word of mouth and reading reviews online, but bid on it anyways on Ebay, winning the bid at $55. When I got the album I was so excited to finally hear it, and I can say now that it was the best purchase I ever made. It's a two disk CD and song number 4 on disk 1 is the best trance song ever! It's called "Shine" by the Space Brothers.

Here are some reviews on the album from Amazon:


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24th April, 2004. 12:26 am. Glastonbury Rumor(the_eel1)

Dunno if everyone has heard this one already but there is a little rumour going round for you glastonbury ravers Oakenfold is suppose to be appearing in the 4 day event.

Some thing to look forward to soon i believe!!!!!!!

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5th April, 2004. 10:05 am.(z3bulin)

Anyone know if there's a complete listing of Oakenfold's performances? I have a bunch of "Live Radio 1" performances on mp3, but I know there has to be more, and I'd also like to know approximately when these occurred.

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5th April, 2004. 9:00 pm. mp3ss(sky_bites_me)

I wonder if anyone has an mp3 of paul oakenfold's hypnotised song. i'm dying to find it and still couldn't!

Current mood: cynical.

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